The Dr. Ward Bond Show

EP 179 - Salt In My Soul: Living Life in the Face of Death

January 20, 2022

'Salt In My Soul' the extraordinary film documentary about Mallory Smith. She was a young woman who lived with cystic fibrosis her whole life, who suffered immeasurably but who always found the will to live happy. Her story is a testament to enduring parental love and determination and the healing power of memoir as medicine, inspiring all of us to live life as fully as possible in the face of the challenges we all face. 
SALT IN MY SOUL: An Unfinished Life, by Mallory Smith, is a powerful, intimate, and inspiring portrait of a brave young woman living with chronic illness. Mallory understood that patient voices need to be amplified in order to improve healthcare, that the intersection of human behavior and nature is critical to environmental sustainability, and that love and friendship give life meaning. As Mallory’s body deteriorated, she sharpened her mind, crystalized her thinking, and honed her writing skills. In her 2500 pages of private journal entries, she created poetry out of her life experiences.  Beautifully written, provocative, and peppered with insights, SALT IN MY SOUL reminds us to follow Mallory's mantra and "Live Happy."  
Her mother Diane Shader Smith is here with us to share Mallory’s story. Diane has been a writer, speaker, publicist and fundraiser for 30 years. And raising more than $5.5 million dollars for basic science and cystic fibrosis research.
Now watch Mallory's incredible story told by her mother Diane.

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